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I have to say that Tulum was the biggest travel surprise of 2016. My family likes to go to Cancun (direct flight from Nashville) but I asked if my boyfriend and I could spend a couple days in Tulum. Tulum is about a two hour drive from the Cancun airport- worth it, but be warned. We stayed at Nomade Tulum. I can start with the hotel—-highly recommended!
​These are the welcome drinks we got when we arrived at the hotel. There is a restaurant right on the beach with fresh fish. I think it might have been our favorite meal while we were there.

At night, we walked towards the restaurants and headed straight to Arca (we tried to get into Heartwood but you need to book way in advance). This place was very romantic and food was excellent. I am pretty sure every night we were there we went to get ice cream after dinner.
​I cannot remember the name but it was right next to “Ice Cream Bar”. Ice Cream Bar is a small stand that does serve ice cream but mostly has a lot of crowds and drinking and raucous at night.

Befriend a local…. they always know where the party is happening that night.

During the next day, we spent the morning at the beach at Nomade and then went to see a Cenote close to the hotel. Everyone talks about Dos Ojos but there is another one that is less crowded and farther down the same road from Dos Ojos. Definitely go to a cenote while you are here.


You may also want to check out the Tulum ruins! I had already been before so we put that on the list for next time. Each hotel has bikes you can borrow and you can definitely bike to the ruins if you want to.

Other things to check out: Mulberry project pop up, there’s this amazing taco place on the beach–cannot remember the name but people will know what you are talking about.

Last but not least, this was breakfast at Nomade:

Pro tip: talk to as many people as possible- we met so many interesting people and got many recs from them!

We cannot wait to go back!!
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