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Enjoying a morning coffee at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Hallgrimskirkja Church: This unpronounceable church is the most iconic building in Reykjavik. The cost to go up the tower is 900 ISK (about 8 USD) and is totally worth it – the views you get of the city are spectacular!

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View of Reykjavik from the top of Hallgrimskirkja Church

Sun Voyager: This artistic sculpture was placed in Reykjavik in 1990 and currently sits on the waterfront. It’s shaped somewhat like a boat, and is supposed to be an ode to the sun.

Harpa Concert Hall: This was by far my favourite building in the city! I love seeing some unique and interesting architecture, and Harpa is full of it. It’s also completely free to go in and walk around.

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Interior view of Harpa Concert Hall

Tjörnin: This is a large and pretty pond near the city center. It has geese. And bridges. Go check it out.

Laugavegur: The main shopping street has a bunch of really cute boutique stores and cafes. The western end of Laugavegur is where you’ll find all the shops.

Puffin-watching: There are two small islands near Reykjavik that host puffin colonies, and you can only access them by boat. If you head to Reykjavik harbour, you’ll find a number of companies that offer tours out to the islands for around 30-40 USD per person.

Imagine Peace Tower
Old Harbour
City Hall

Nordic House
Videy Island
The Pearl (Strokkur Geiser location)

BRUARFOSS- waterfall fairly close to the city
All of these waterfalls have viewpoints where you can get up super close – so close that you actually get drenched from the spray and muddy from the wet grounds. Totally worth it!
Thingvellir National Park is where the Eurasian tectonic plate and the North American tectonic plate meet. It’s actually one of the only places in the world where you can see this phenomenon on land, as most tectonic plates meet beneath the ocean.
If you head down the south coast to Vík, you can pull in at Reynisfjara and take a walk along this black pebbly sand beach. Just don’t expect it to be warm enough to go for a dip!

2.15 hour from Reykjavik to Vik, but as with the Golden Circle, you’ll be stopping constantly to take photos and do some exploring. Seljavallalaug Zwembad thermal pool: Free thermal pool along South Coast trip

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Seljalandsfoss: A truly awesome waterfall -It has a walking path that takes you all the way around and behind the waterfall. You are guaranteed to get wet from the spray, so take a raincoat!

Skógafoss: Another truly awesome waterfall- There’s a path that takes you all the way up to the top, and if you’re steady footed and not afraid of heights then you can stray from the path and climb along the cliffs to get some great photos.

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Vik: This is an absolutely gorgeous little town where you won’t be able to resist getting your camera out to take a few snaps of the super cute church. You can stay here overnight, or just stop for lunch. We dropped in to Sudur Vik for a bite to eat. { Fjaðrárgljúfur (Canyon)**}

Reynisfjara: A black sand beach where you can climb over giant boulders and explore caves in the cliffs facing the sea. It’s like a natural playground! This place is also a photographers dream.

Dyrhólaey: On the other end of Reynisfjara, there’s a car park and vista point where you’ll get awesome views of the black sand beach and rocky cliffs around it.

Solheimasandur plane wreck: The wreckage of a US military plane that crashed in 1973. There is no signage for it, only a gravel area where you’ll see a few cars parked by the side of the road. It takes 40 minutes to walk from the road to the plane wreck, but it’s worth it for the photos.

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Kerið (crater lake), Strokkur geyser, Gullfoss waterfall, and Thingvellir National Park, Bruarfoss**

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Kerið (crater lake): This crater was formed by volcanic magma beneath the surface being drained out by a nearby volcano eruption, causing the surface above it to collapse. You can walk all the way around the rim and down to the lake. There is a small entrance fee of 400 ISK (about 3.50 USD) per person.

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Strokkur geyser

Gullfoss: This is arguably the most famous waterfall in Iceland. It’s absolutely huge, and the walking paths to the viewpoints will get you real close to the falls. This place can get pretty busy with tourists, but it’s definitely worth visiting.

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Thingvellir National Park: This natural area is where the Eurasian tectonic plate and the North American tectonic plate meet. It has some awesome landscapes with a giant gorge and fissure stretching for miles along the terrain. This is also where some scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed! Set aside a few hours to explore this place.

Laugarvatn Fontana: If you’ve got time and aren’t doing Blue Lagoon, then these geothermal pools are a great alternative. The entrance fee is 3800 ISK (about 33 USD), and the pools are positioned right beside a gorgeous lake. Be sure to take your swimsuit.

To Do
Blue Lagoon– alternate if interested in Northern Iceland: Myvatin Nature Baths
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Northern Lights
Jokulsarlon or alt. Fjallsarlon (glaciers/lagoon)
Skaftafell Ice Cave (near above)
Fjaðrárgljúfur (Canyon)**
Vatnsnes Peninsula (North)

Bar Crawl
Food Walk
Slippbarinn at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina
Kaffivagninn (Old Harbour)
C is for Cookie
Bergsson mathús
Icelandic Fish & Chips
Scandinavian Smorrebrod
101 Restaurant
Cafe Loki
Bunk Bar
Restaurant Reykjavik
Sudur Vik
Cheapest Grocery: Bonus
Duty-free Liquor

Extra tips/info:
South Iceland is where main tourist attractions are located
Able to drive East Coast within one day
All campsites have free food, gas, or other travel items needed from previous travelers! Cheese and meat are expensive, ha.
Bring warm clothes, good shoes and a good jacket- very windy, very cold
Don’t miss the Canyon- Fjaoradgljufur AND Bruarfoss
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Pack List:
Hiking boots
Reusable water bottle
Backpack (PLUS daypack)
Ski pants
Ski jacket
Rain jacket
Patagonia Fleece
Chap stick
Tennis shoes
Sports bras
Camera (you’ll want a better camera than your phone)
Go pro & accessories
Travel electric adapter
Battery pack



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