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Sedona…What a view

Sedona might have been one of my favorite places I have ever been to. Everywhere I went, the view just got better and better.

I traveled to Sedona, AZ Memorial Weekend 2017 (a little different pace from last year). I wanted to just get away, hike and not be on a schedule…I accomplished this.

I flew into Phoenix, AZ Friday night (straight flight from Nashville, TN on Southwest). Sedona is about a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. I scheduled a shuttle to pick me up at the airport and drop me off at my hotel. This was only $58 and well worth it. The driver was extremely nice and I arrived safe and sound.

sedona 21
I stayed at Sedona Inn and Suites each night. While the rooms and view were great, the customer service was not. Many times the front desk workers became rude for no reason. The complimentary breakfast was great each morning. It was like a mom and pop style breakfast. 🙂

Saturday, I got a late start due to going to bed so late. I piled on the sunscreen and packed my backpack full of water bottles, snacks, a towel and more sunscreen. I walked from my hotel to the trail to Devil’s Bridge. This was a HIKE getting up there but once I was there, I just sat for a while in awe of the view (my pinterest board made me do it). I hiked solo but there were so many tourists that I was never alone.

Saturday night I got dressed and went to a fun, upscale Mexican restaurant called Barking Frog Grille. It was delicious and not very expensive (also walking distance from my hotel)
sedona 22

Sunday morning, my friend Shelly came and met me. We drove to and then hiked up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was beautiful and also another tourist attraction. We were able to sit inside as well as light a candle. The room was very small but exquisite.

sedona 10
Airport Vortex

My friend and I had reservations to rent ATV’s for 4 hours. THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! We had so much fun. I admit I got us lost for a little bit but it worked in our favor because our view was incredible coming back. We were given a cooler with water, a map and a picture book as well as a helmet, bandana and goggles. Many people/families can also book buggies or larger ATV’s. It was GREAT!

Saturday night, Shelly and I got dressed and ate dinner/drank wine at the Enchantment Resort. This was hands down the most beautiful place I have ever been to with a view that was unparalleled. There are three different restaurants next to each other but View 180 was wonderful.

Monday morning we got up early, checked out of the hotel and drove 45 minutes to M Diamond Ranch. I personally rode horses growing up so I was very comfortable but my friend had not. The horses were wonderful and the guide was great as well. We rode for two hours looking at the scenery and having a great time. The guide answered all of our questions and made our experience even better. I would recommend the 45 minutes drive from Sedona to have this experience. We had a BLAST!

I feel like the pictures do not even do Sedona justice. Nothing beats getting away, turning your phone on airplane mode and enjoying God’s beautiful creation. This was a trip much needed!!



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