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Exercise on Vacation – Sorry, What?

Yes, we said it. It is acceptable to ‘get your sweat on’ while you’re on vaca and actually – we encourage it. If you’re already starting to close your laptop and exit this browser window hold on! Let us explain!

Rachel: We’re not suggesting you find the nearest crossfit in paradise and forego every beach day to grind out intense session after session to be sore everyday. We are simply suggesting that taking a complete cold turkey break from your exercise routine isn’t going to make you feel your best, and will actually it much harder to come back to real life when you get home. (Assuming you’re actually coming home from vacation). Plus, we all know that when you feel better about yourself you also tend to walk a little taller. Not to mention you might sleep a bit better with a little more cardio activity, and goodness knows we are all looking forward to extra Zzz’s on that vacation. Running is always my default exercise – I can go anytime of day and ignore people for a bit .. I mean, explore the city where I’m staying .. and it’s a great way to get your bearings if you’ve never been there before! Maybe take someone with you if it’s a new country though…

Haley: I’m not talking about going for miles and miles at a run/jog pace though. Running is not my forte anymore (thank you knee surgery) but lifting and body weight options are my go to! If you’re on the road and can’t take weights with you, try doing the same movements but without weights. Or incorporate other movements that don’t involve weights. I like to do push-ups, sit ups and squats before heading out to the beach. Your bum can never be too perky in a bathing suit. Am I right ladies?? And then – sometimes you get blessed with a hotel weight room. In that case, spend about 30 minutes a few mornings getting your swole on. {KEY PHRASE: exercise a few mornings} enjoy your vacay! You probably need it.

Here are the guys on our trip to Croatia mid push-up on the deck before we got to the beach:


So stay active! Exercise! You’ll be happier, more relaxed, more confident, and honestly probably a bit more pleasant to be around as nobody likes a Bitter Betty who’s angry after every carb but doesn’t do anything about it. So if you’re indulging on a vacation – take a walk.

Or – take a hike! Running, mountain climbing, anything outdoors is a great way to explore your favorite places to visit – and the greatest views come from climbing higher!
               hiking 2.jpg

Or – go for water sports! Swimming, paddle boarding, wind surfing – all of it!

                                   No automatic alt text available.            IMG_4203

Also – this should probably come with the disclaimer of being for vacation of a few days long. If you’re just taking a brief weekend ‘staycation’, I would say keep those running shoes at home. Relax. Two and a half days of burritos and sunshine isn’t going to ruin your six pack.

-Rachel and Haley



  1. I hate exercising even when I’m not traveling! However, I walk eeeeverywhere when I’m abroad. For hours at a time. So I guess that balances out the pounds of pasta I usually consumer in Italy. P.S. water sports are a great idea! So fun and they usually leave you exhausted afterwards 🤗

    1. Walking everywhere is the perfect solution! Lets you really soak in your surroundings. But pasta in Italy sounds like a dream . . definitely would have to take a break from the walking due to the volume I’d consume!

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