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FullSizeRender (18)Growing up, I was the biggest tom boy. I was the girl chasing after the boys on my dark blue bike and climbing trees as high as I could go. I did not have time to sit on a tablet of any sorts and scroll while watching everyone else ‘live’ their lives. As a former special education teacher, I know the importance electronics has on teaching students a different way but there has to be a positive medium.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to see my friends and family grow up. I love seeing the world through others’ eyes and learning about things I could have never dreamed about. What I don’t love, is teenagers today looking at adults online and ‘lifestyles’ they live and thinking they HAVE to be that or their life does not measure up. It is not just teenagers. We as adults do this as well. So and so got a better job, these people travel all of the time, this couple flies in private jets, this couple is so in love and they never fight. What is wrong with me??…..YEAH RIGHT! I have seen so many times a couple in straight tears in public but the next morning one of them will post a picture of the one second they were not fighting. Of course very few people are going to post something negative because no one wants people to think they are anything less than perfect. I am definitely guilty of this sometimes as well. “Oh wow my ex is so happy because he posted a picture and said he was and I’m truly not happy. That’s not fair…” HELLO people, we all fall short, we all have setbacks, we ALL have flaws, it’s ok to show them and trust me…he may not be that happy! We’ve all heard the saying – you never know exactly what is going on in someone else’s life. So be human. Social media dependence is a learned behavior that we have built. Everybody hides behind the mask of social media at some point or another. They make their profile based off of the person they think they should be or who they want to be instead of really working on themselves. And honestly, the thrill of it is sometimes hard to resist.

I have started this thing where if I am out travelling, I consciously make an effort to try my best not to jump on social media and actually experience life. I am almost 30 and I don’t want to miss out on anything.


We wonder why people cheat….I think one reason is they compare their significant other to people on social media. Some men wonder why their wife does not look like a certain girl on instagram….uhhh probably because she has given birth to your three kids, isn’t 18 anymore and does not Facetune her entire body to look fake. Don’t mess up your 80 for a little 20 {watch Madea if you do not know what I am talking about}.

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Social Media has given so many people and businesses a platform to work with and I love social media. I just hope everyone can use it to best suit themselves instead of living their lives through other’s pictures.



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