Smiling Gives You Wrinkles….Resting ‘B’ Face Keeps You Pretty

Like Kanye said: “Me not smiling is me smiling.”

Have you ever been accused of looking like a complete B because you are not like Elf and smiling is not always your favorite? If so, then we have a few things in common. I never realize how bad my facial expressions are until I get a glimpse of myself in the back of someone’s photo (similar to the feeling of opening your phone camera on yourself to experience chin after chin). Not a good look…

Many of my friends have said, “Wow, I thought you were a stuck up boujee girl when I met you, but then I talked to you and you’re super nice!” Note to self people, not everything is as it seems/looks. I catch myself in deep thought most of the time because my mind never shuts off. I also think I really try to concentrate on what people are telling me instead of just fake smiling in their face. 


On the other hand, have you ever experienced someone in your office who is super nice and a great person but when they send emails, it is as though they are cold hearted and anger is coming through the computer screen, grabbing you by the collar and sucker punching you in the face? You immediately think something is wrong so you walk by his/her office but you two chat and laugh and smile and they are in the best mood. CONFUSION OVERLOAD. It is like their hands are mad but their face is happy.

I feel this is especially a 21st century working woman’s nightmare – or maybe it is what a working woman is expected to be in a way? Too many exclamation points and too much happiness and people do not take you seriously?? However, are we then to be dubbed the office ‘B’ and written off as too aggressive? 

Either way, there are two things that have come from this….. A Resting Happy Face and Active ‘B’ Fingers. Don’t take a book for it’s cover.


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