Look the Part or Act the Part? ..And other Umbrella Statements

Overheard in a conference – “Young men and women should each invest in this one thing to keep up their professional appearance.”

This one thing that really stands out for a young professional though they may think it goes unnoticed in the workplace. Leave a comment with what you thought the answer was – here is what I heard:

Women: Regular Manicures | Men: A Good Tie

Now, I am a young professional myself. At the same time, I am not Scrooge McDuck diving into my vault of coins on a nightly basis. So, I found myself asking – is this necessary? Is this true? Is this even equal?

To not look like you went through a wood chipper almost immediately, the above means getting a gel manicure.  That unfortunately means it’s going to be at least $40. If you read “A Dramatic Summer Metro Morning,” I brought these big girl decisions upon myself and city life ain’t cheap folks. At maximum this will last up to two weeks because apparently I do Tae-Bo in my sleep. If you’re counting, thats at least another Benjamin a month. Is this another expense I absolutely need in order to be serious as a young-professional? I’m quite positive that as long as there isn’t peanut butter on my hands as I’m typing away, I will be just fine.


We can make the same argument for men – no need to silo women here. I’ve seen the pricing on the better necktie fabrics and less audacious patterns. Men quite literally have to wrap these things around their necks every day where this statement would be relevant. I’m sure they have found the duct-taped-pipe version of an acceptable yet cheaper tie.

I have a side rant going on in my head that there should be some dark joke for neck ties in here somewhere, shouldn’t there? It’s already in a loop!

I digress.

It is neither necessary nor fair to deem it “a must” to spend oodles of noodles on the frivolous to be taken seriously as a young-professional. Let the record state, whatever you’re working on when you’re typing away? It should probably be of relatively good quality as well. I declare an umbrella statement that the umbrella statements must come to an end!


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