To Do: One Week from International Travel


Could you tell by now that travel is our favorite topic?


Also by now you might know that Rachel will be traveling in just one week to Belgrade, Serbia! As she packs, we will go over exactly what’s going on so you can be prepared for your next international travel adventure!

**Disclaimer: If you’re going abroad – at 1Week out you need to ensure your passport is up to date. Even expediting at this point is just not going to happen! Most likely if you need a visa for the country your visiting, 1 week is also not enough time to secure that.**



⊕ Call your phone company to sign up for a travel plan
RBT Tip: Maybe don’t spring for unlimited data – unplug! You can update your Insta and tell mom & dad your safe when you get to a hotspot. Everybody will live.

⊕ Call your bank to ensure CC usability, cash advancement possibilities, they know you will be out of the country, etc.
RBT Tip: Before packing make sure to check your favorite blogs, articles, and other sites to see if they have noted what’s more popular – Cash or Card? What’s the currency? Exchange rate?

⊕ If you’re at all nervous about the country you are traveling too, look up the US Embassy and keep their phone number in your wallet. Don’t pack it away too far.

⊕ Checking the weather, by one week out you should be able to have more accuracy!
RBT Tip: This definitely leaves you enough time for a last minute shopping trip to pack a rain jacket or a few sweaters if necessary. Definitely not just for fun .. right?

⊕ Check your flights and ensure your passport number is loaded into all your reservations and all your information is up to date if you booked awhile ago.
*This will create alot of ease at the airport!

Travel Insurance – We like WorldNomads, they’ve done us well on quite a few trips so far! You never never never want to be caught without insurance. Stub a toe in a foreign place and it starts to look funky? You’re going to want to get that checked out. This is literally the most baby of situations we can think of. Definitely look at your options – this will be your lifesaver we promise!

Print Everything. Copy of your passport, your ID, travel insurance, flight itinerary, hotel location, trip itinerary, cell number, birth certificate, college transcripts…what? Don’t pack these – keep them with a close friend/family member.

⊕ Electrical Adaptors, OTC Medicine and Prescriptions, comfortable walking shoes.

Now For The Fun Stuff!

⊕ Find the Right Sized SuitCase: by now you should have a good idea of the activities you’ll be taking part in so ensure you have enough space to pack everything! Also, make absolutely positive you can shlep this thing around by yourself. The tall dark and handsome stranger carrying your bags is only in the movies. A Samsonite 20″ is all you really need most of the time!

Travel Sized everything! A trip to an Ulta or your favorite drugstore is definitely necessary. Yes, we said necessary. Treat yo self.

⊕ Download your music/podcasts/movies -whatever you’ll need for the flights! Depending if you’re a good plane sleeper or not (I’m not) you’ll need plenty of entertainment.

⊕ Learn a few key phrases in the language of the country you’re visiting. Be careful to actually research these yourself! R: I actually know a few Serbians living in the US right now so I asked them how to say “where is the bathroom?”. Good thing they don’t have a good poker face, because they admitted they actually told me how to ask “where is the sh*t hole?”

H: Depending on the country you are traveling to, you might need to find out if drinking the water is healthy. Another quote you could learn is “Do you have water?” Or “How much is this?” Or “thank you.”

Look up festivals, concerts, anything going on in the country. Buying tickets ahead of time is a great way to get a better price! Furthermore you will feel a bit more secure about your itinerary and the wardrobe you’re bringing!

*R: Unless you’re actually going to New Guinea – most areas will have places for cheap medicine, water and toiletries. And we’re almost positive CVS has probably made its way to New Guinea by now. When I was in Israel some girls checked bags for hundreds of dollars because they packed their entire lives supply of shampoo and Advil and yes, peanut butter. Just..go experience where you’re at, ok? I promise they sell band aids.

H: The one thing I ALWAYS keep with me is a food bar. I am the world’s hangriest person on the planet. If I am in the middle of nowhere and need a snack to get me going, a bar is the perfect solution.

Did we forget anything? Tell us in the comments!


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