Aging: Is there a difference between Men & Women?

There’s an old adage: Men age like a fine wine, while women age like a glass of milk.

Do women really get worse looking with age or is the industry just targeting them harder with harsh products? Its no secret that men are not nearly under as much promo pressure to stay young.

I realize that the salt and pepper look has been becoming more attractive to me. But, then I found a grey hair on myself and immediately looked up ways to stop it. When I realized what I was doing – I asked myself these questions. . . . Do women really need botox and fillers and hair color? Or, are we as a society putting on more pressure to slow our aging process while giving men permission to carry on? {Note to everyone, the answer to grey hair is apparently copper.}

Given all of these questions I also want to make sure we don’t ignore how incredible our bodies are. We carry life. We have the opportunity to grow old and experience life ourselves. Some individuals don’t have that opportunity and we should be thankful for every moment. Every laugh line. However, I’m not ignorant to the fact that I sit in front of the mirror analyzing myself. Some women might actually need a nip and tuck after carrying life for 40 weeks. There are many situations to be considered.

However unfortunately, it’s no doubt that the beauty industry targets women more with anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, pro-youth creams and serums due to societal pressures to stay young. 

plastic_sugeryHere, I would like to make a resounding statement. Women do not get worse looking with age than men, they are simply more heavily targeted with products and the societal pressure to look youthful. I wont lie, it’s a tough habit to break as we’ve been taught this societal norm for decades that we must look young and perfect. Why don’t men wear makeup? Why are we ok with men who have acne and bags under their eyes and splotchy skin? It’s been societally accepted. We’ve been “taught” by big pharma and marketing companies that it’s not ok for women to go out without makeup. And that it’s not ok for women to look old. I could keep going!

Though this does sound like simply a soap box speech to swear off all products – there is something to be said for taking care of yourself. I recently read a study that said men’s skin is actually 25% thicker than women’s and less susceptible to the signs of aging. So if we take this into consideration, with everything else we know … let’s combat the overly dramatic ways of preventing aging and see how we can gracefully age together naturally.

Possible Natural Aging Tips:

  1. Regular exercise 
  2. Eat carrots, squash and pumpkin – extra vitamins!
  3. Don’t forget your Omega-3’s – healthy fats to keep your skin plump
  4. Avoid the sun – the damage is real and long lasting my friends.
  5. Limit sugar – ugh, harder than it sounds.
  6. Own a pet! Happy people have happy skin. 
  7. Up Your Glutathione Intake

Share your favorite natural skin care routines with us in the comments!


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  1. Great post. Exercise is key for anti-aging! I found that for my aging parents, physical activity is a top priority for maintaining their quality of life. After retiring and moving to FL they took up pickleball. Apart from being low-impact, there is a great social aspect – they’ve got a whole new circle of friends now- and that is another critical part about aging, keeping socially active and engaged to ward off loneliness -which has lots of negative effects.
    Matt @ Pickleball recently posted…Pickleball Health Benefits for an Aging PopulationMy Profile

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