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Anxiety of a Selfie – Justified?

R – Ahhh.. post a in alone? Nowhere in the history of my social have I ever posted a selfie.
H – Uh, me neither. I’ll do one too next weekend. Promise.
R – If I do it you have to do it. If I send you a few can you pick it though? I can’t choose.
H – Haha I will, promise. This is good, it shows transparency and personality to anyone reading.
R – I agree. Ok– I’m gonna do it. If you don’t post one too I’ll fly to Nashville and kick your butt.

. . .the conversation went on however, when ya can’t afford a photographer – make due! We don’t have one of those “better half on the other side of the lens” deals going on either. And running the business from separate cities makes it a bit tricky to snap a pic of each other!

During this experience though, we wanted to take a step back and ask ourselves, why so much anxiety? Why the strain? Selfies have become so popular, so mainstream, almost everybody we know has way more than one – yet we’ve been so against putting one up in our personal lives. This blogging experience has opened up a whole new world for us.

Rachel: Honestly, I would say it has to do a bit with the insecurity and frustration of realizing I may not like any of the ones I take. Or worse, I do like one of them, post it, and realize that maybe nobody else likes it. And then further realize that I was depending on the approval of strangers for my own self-worth and god isn’t this the grossest thing you’ve ever heard? So, I would put down the camera.

Haley: Some see taking and posting a selfie as a conceited type thing to do. I like to look at it this way; you get to see me all day and I only see my face in the morning putting on makeup or washing my hands. What if when I open my front facing camera, I want to see something better than the dreaded triple chin, up too close and personal/AWFUL shot of myself. Anyone agree?!?! There is always a difference between pictures you post and pictures you’re tagged in. Why not create more photos of yourself that you actually like?? Embrace who you are and what you look like and let everyone love it as well. If people don’t love it…..BOY BYE {Thank you Beyonce}.

boy bye

We digress.

What’s the difference between putting the camera in our own hand versus someone else taking the photo? Both times it’s you in the picture, you wanting the picture taken, and you posting it. Just because you took it of yourself makes it somehow vastly more narcissistic and therefor subject to ridicule and shame? Maybe it’s the type of selfie that has become ‘mainstream’ that’s ruined the reputation for the rest of us. The lips puckered, chest out, head tilted, mirror selfie the Kylie Jenners of the world have “graced” our social media with. If we aren’t in that pose with a snapchat dog filter – is it even a real selfie?

We think we need a new word. Froto? (Front facing photo)

selfie 2



  1. Hahaha very interesting! I also like taking selfie 🙂 but I use a timer so that me and my group will be in the same photo. No one will left behind 🙂

    1. A selfie stick might also be a good option for you! Get all the friends in there and cheeeese! Then you also avoid the weird “large arm” issue haha

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