Perfection in Petra

The allure of the Middle East has captured the hearts of many as the adventure of it all is undeniable. Weather you’re into hiking, exploring, or trying new foods – you’ve got a couple destinations to choose from! If you’re coming from the States though like us, you’ve just got to get through the hefty flights first. And you know – the unbearable unbelievable heat like a thousand burning suns one foot away from your face.

But lets go anyways!

Here, we have Petra, Jordan. Brought to you by one of our favorites, The Young Adventuress! We admire Liz for her gumption and clear but witty writing style on Jordan. That, and she mentions Indiana Jones. Could she be going any harder after our own hearts?

What we love about this post:
– No mention of cookie-cutter touristy over done sites throughout Petra.
– Great travel tips on what to bring/wear that anyone can achieve
– This is truly an interesting and entertaining read!

Petra, Jordan: 5 Steps to Channeling Indiana Jones – Young Adventuress

The sun had already risen hot and bright by the time I crawled out from underneath my mosquito net in the Dana Biosphere Reserve in Jordan. Yawning, I began to dress, reminiscing about the night before and mildly regretting not diving into bed a few hours sooner.



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