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Not Being a Fortune Teller is Acceptable

You’ve never felt the anxiety of planning for the future? Then get out. Kidding! But really, how? Day after day it seems like there are more expectations and responsibilities. Every time you go to a family function, isn’t there someone asking you what you want to achieve? What you have already achieved?

That’s why we love coming across like minded women who are all about the journey. Amanda Holstein from Advice from a Twenty Something is just that gal. Nobody is saying that goals and aspirations are for the birds. Birds, please come back. It’s just a matter of broadening your mind and letting yourself get to wherever your personal successes are going to take you.

Why We Love This Post:
-Simple, short, to the point. Unlike some of our thoughts about the future. . .
-She accounts for growth, and we believe that’s such an important pearl to remember.
-Elegantly and swiftly tackles guilt, which we haven’t met a single person in their 20’s or 30’s who isn’t dealing with.

I Don’t Know Where I’ll Be in 5 Years (and I’m Okay with It)

I’m sure you’ve all gotten this question – in an interview, from your parents’ friends, etc.: “Where will you be in five years?” Honestly, I hate this question. There is so much pressure to know exactly where we are going in life and to have a specific plan to get there.



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