Vacation for a millennial? Yes, you can do it!

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation? Been sucked into the allure of magnificent travel bloggers *ahem* pictures and stories? However, especially if you’re a millennial, this can become quite a daunting task to actually achieve. I’ve read countless articles from baby boomers on how negative it is that millennial are skipping vacations days to continue working. Like it’s such a bad thing that we have a dedicated work ethic? Or, I’m sorry, maybe it’s that we have positions with such precious few vacation days. Or, positions without a salary giving us the cushion to actually utilize those days. Or – a less defeatist approach, maybe we actually just enjoy working hard and getting to the top a bit faster.

For those that do enjoy a work/life balance, there is this fantastic article from The Everygirl

Why we love this post:
-It’s accessible. The positions that they elude to readers having are actually ones they probably hold. None of those articles with romantic jobs and paychecks!
-Practical and actionable advice
-The best advice we agree with – is leaving yourself the freedom to completely logoff!

How to Plan Your Work Schedule for a True Vacation | The Everygirl

Vacations always sound like a great idea, until you’re stuck at work until 2 am the night before and realize you’ll be checking your email the whole time you’re away. And that counteracts all the positive that comes with vacations in the first place – relaxation, sleep, and a much-needed break from your inbox.

The Everygirl Copy by Chelsea Becker
The Everygirl Images by Duni Cheri



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