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We’ll always have Paris. . .

The old joke goes, how do you know if someone has studied abroad? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

However, they romantic stories of food and city lights are pretty much unbeatable when it comes to cities like Paris! Having briefly traveled there myself (Rachel) there really isn’t much you can find wrong with the city at first glance.

We didn’t just choose one post about Paris, it’s a whole blog! Lindsey – American girl turned Parisian – literally lived the story we all grew up wanting dreaming about. Studied abroad, fell in love with the city and one of its countrymen, and never left! She does just so happen to be a phenomenal writer at the same time (go figure) so we couldn’t wait to feature her here.

Why We Love This Blog:
-Clean, crisp, interesting writing. Never leaves you with a run-on piece or wanting more engaging language.
-She covers many varied topics! You’ll never be stuck with one topic on her page.
-Very real and informative. For locals and visitors or those looking to follow her footsteps, you’d be hard pressed to find more real or honest advice.

Lost In Cheeseland

Welcome to a new series bringing you quick news updates from Paris in everything from food and shopping to culture and urban development. DANIEL ROSE CLOSING SPRING In sad restaurant news, chef Daniel Rose has announced he is looking to sell his most well known Parisian restaurant Spring.



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