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I’m Not Here To Be Average, I’m Here To Be Awesome.

When you’ve been working towards a goal, has anyone ever told you to have the courage to change the things you can, accept the things you cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference?

‘Aint that a bunch of motivation mumbo jumbo?

Why are we accepting that things should stay the same? I would like to add to this with an idea and frequently quoted thought. The most dangerous phrase in the English language is, “well, that’s the way we’ve always done it.” This seemingly plays on the idea that processes, and even lives, shouldn’t stay stagnant. I push more here – why isn’t it considered courageous to go change the things you supposedly “cannot”?

It’s a struggle to actually get there, yes, we get it. Things stay the same for awhile typically because they’re working just fine or maybe they’re a more difficult fix. However, when it’s an issue or a obstacle standing in the way of something you want – you’re the only one really stopping you. Is it a financial goal? A weight goal? Is it something as big as moving across the country or landing that interview? Maybe it’s as seemingly simple as telling an important someone an important sentence. Maybe it’s as actually simple as organizing your day so you feel productive and handle the tasks that are thrown your way.

Please note, we know that there are more people in the way of everyone becoming NASA Astronauts and famous Actors. However, if you just sat on the couch and never tried – you’re still to blame, buddy.

I have two suggestions here for prime real estate on motivational power houses.

The Art of Manliness – specifically their “Money & Career” section.
-First of all, the writers here shouldn’t be surprised that women and men alike read their pieces. They’re pointed and important and you can fight me if you think they’re only relevant to men.
-Some of their pieces remind me of basic classes we should have all been taught in like a “Life/Business 101” course. Good reads here people.

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness is here to revive the lost art of manliness. We encourage men to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, citizens – a new generation of great men.

Kayla Itsines – need I say more?
-This tiny energetic Australian is literally all we ever need for a great punch of inspiration.
-Grab one exercise (or follow the guide like you’re supposed too) and we promise, you’re actually going to feel it.
-Plus, her site is full of nutrition, motivation, and extras that we basically live off of. Thats where we got some of our exercise ideas from for when we travel!

Kayla Itsines – Sweat With Kayla

Starting with the Bikini Body Guides is SO simple! Join Sweat With Kayla for access to workouts, recipes, shopping lists and so much more!

We hope we helped get you moving, share your favorite source of inspo below!



  1. I absolutely love this post. So many times we are hindering ourselves from achieving that goal and we fail to realize that change starts with us. In some instances we may not achieve that goal however, something great may pop up along the way. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. You’re absolutely right – sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination. Hope you keep going wherever it is you’re going!

  2. Such an inspiring post. Yes, when we accept change, we should also be ready of the outcome. No regrets because life is beautiful.

  3. A great share for me. I agree, to succeed we must accept change, do what is different and challenge what we think is impossible.

  4. Great inspirational post and just the reminder I needed. I’ve been floundering the last few weeks and I have no idea what I’m doing, I seem to go through cycles of everything falling apart. Thank you for the new perspective.

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