ClassPass Credits Beta Has Come to DC – What You Need To Know

*Update at the end!*

You’ve seen it come to metro areas in the past few months and now, District, it’s our turn.

” – a better way of booking classes designed to give you more flexibility. Get the most out of your membership, whether you’re looking to take more classes every month or become more loyal to your favorite studios.” – ClassPass

Whether you’re a loyalist to your favorite few studios or you love consistently trying something new, there is no lying that CP has been the go-to for many in the fitfam of DC. With prices soaring higher for every gym and studio, and not to mention the DC Yoga Tax, these packages have been super popular. However, the mixed reviews around their new Beta credits system has been getting me worried. Finally, when I opened my app this past weekend sure enough. . .

We’ve been Beta’d.

*My numbers going forward are based on the DC Metro ClassPass.*

Classes now have different credit values based on variables such as time, equipment used, and how often you’ve visited.  For example, their popular “Gym Time” booking is sometimes only 2 credits. On the other hand, a class requiring a reformer or spin would be 6-7 credits. Further, a yoga class in the middle of the afternoon when nobody is there would maybe be 5 credits. This is all designed to allow users to work out more often on the same budget. Apparently, the new rules also allow you to visit the same studios more than you’re previously allotted amount per month.

“Say Goodbye to Studio Limits”

This part is the most perplexing to me. In your profile it does still say how many times you can visit one studio per cycle. Yet now, the new Beta rules claim that you can keep visiting your favorite studios again and again without spending more money on ClassPass. In the same breath it states that additional visits to your favorite studios are only a few credits more. Say what? In the original system, you could visit a favorite studio more than your allotted amount for a small fee around $10 depending. But how does it work now with credits without spending more money on ClassPass?

Actual image of me trying to work this out.

Before, I had the 5 class pack/month. Now, that’s a 35 credit pack, which is 7 credits per class if I were to break it evenly. On this pack you can visit the same studio only twice per month. In our first scenario lets look at one of my favorites – FlyBarre. When I look now it’s 7 credits per class, any day of the week, any time of the day – I have a lot of thoughts about that. Moving on. . . Say I wanted to go to only FlyBarre for the next month. The new ClassPass rules say I can go more than twice now, right? How many more credits are they going to charge me to keep going? Theory #1 is that I can go to the same studio all month using the credit bank that I have, but I’ll end up going to less classes per month unless I buy up. So technically, I don’t have to spend more money – I just have to go to less high credit classes. Theory #2 is that they mean I don’t have to buy more “packs” I just have to buy more credits over and over to go to the same studios. So – it’s clever marketing verbiage.

Another scenario: I also love a few spin classes and HIIT classes. You get to wear those muscle t’s amirite?? Most of these are now 7 credits but one of these is only 6. What am I supposed to do with the 1 credit leftover at the end of the month? Their answer I’m sure would be to buy a few more credits to take another class but, they do know I’m on a budget? Right? That’s why I’m only on the 5 pack in the first place. So, my choice now is to forfeit the 1 credit dollar amount or give up the classes I love to finagle my schedule to work within the credits. Anybody see a way around this?

Don’t even get me started on trying to change your metro area if you travel and want to take classes. From here to NYC, sevens become nines and twos become fours and before you know it you’re out of credits completely. I guess this can work in cheaper cities but, I guess I have discerning taste?

The key here, is this is all dependent on the type of workouts you like. You guys know we like all different kinds of exercise. Personally, this new system seems a bit unfair, and only beneficial to a very specific type of person. I’m not available to take mid-day yoga classes and the “gym-time” option doesn’t appeal to me. I’d love to hear from somebody who has benefitted from the ClassPass beta test!

My biggest point here – if it’s harder to understand, it’s harder to use, and it’s probably going to lose subscribers. Keep this in mind though:

None of this is making me quit ClassPass.

ClassPass 5 Class Pack – $55 -> 1/$11
Reformation Fitness Studio Classes 5 Pack – $120 -> 1/$24
FlyWheel/Barre 5 Class Pack -> $145 – 1/$29
SolidCore 5 Class Pack – $175 -> 1/$35
PureBarre – 10 pack for $245 -> 1/$29

I can still take my 5 classes at 7 credits each – it might just take a bit more finagling. (How many times can I use the word “finagle” in one post?)

I’m sure we could get into some ratios here as for instance – the PureBarre 10pack is good for a year and you pay CP every month. However, if you’re using a 10 pack over 1 year, i’m thinking this isn’t really relative to you. I also didn’t include pricing for gyms like Washington Sports Clubs or Equinox. I’m working on mainly a studio pricing scale here. Yes, I’m aware those gyms offer classes but – thats not the same thing as a boutique studio with specialized classes. These things are like a cult people!

A few tips to remember if you’re on the Beta:

  • Credits still expire at the end of each month like the classes did, and they do not rollover. So use ’em or loose ’em!
  • The values are different per city and per studio – always look before you book!
  • Cancellation charges within 12 hours are still a thing.  Whomp whomp.

As far as I’ve researched and reached out to them, this is still a test and no final decisions have been made as to the future of ClassPass. I’d love to know more soon! I’m hoping to get an email back from the CP team soon who are usually very responsive and kind. I’ll update when that happens!

EDIT: ClassPass did respond, and here is what they’ve confirmed.

“For those studios where you can go more often {confirming there are some where you cannot} after you’ve visited your favorite spot 2 times, you’ll notice that the credits needed to book the class will go up. Go ahead and book another class, and if you need more credits you can add more directly from your account.” This confirms theory #1 and #2 – their statement regarding “not spending more money on CP” really was just beating around the bush. And, in order to visit your favorites more than previously allotted you’ll have to workout less per month. Or, buy more credits as the studios “value” increases the more you go. Still – not quitting ClassPass anytime soon. #BudgetFam #FitFam


  1. Just about done with Classpass after this credits beta fiasco. The app gives you no clue as to how much credits classes cost. So you just book blindly. In SF most decent classes are max 8 credits. I used all my credits so I thought hey but a 24 pack for 3 extra classes. Nope. 2 classes somehow cost me 19 credits. So now I have 5 credits remaining which is pretty much useless in SF. 2 complaints to the company through their (hidden) contact us links have gone unresponded​. Horrible horrible horrible

    1. Thank you for your feedback! We too are frustrated about “booking blindly” – we’re also really miffed at the whole “no more studio limits” thing being total bogus. It’s a studios choice if they want to allow ClassPassers to come more than their allotted amount in a month … and none of them have opted in. Such an underdelivered promise, and I’m left with leftover credits of nondescript amounts every month! I wonder, at what point will the price not be worth the hassle anymore? If you have any favorite SF workouts – feel free to reach out and share!

  2. ClassPass is like that abusive partner you just can’t muster up the courage to leave. Just when you’ve almost about gotten over the resentment over their latest price change there’s a new shocker waiting around the corner. I’ve always felt like it’s too much of a good thing and the new shiny studios they keep on adding and couldn’t otherwise afford are now giving you a slap on your face with the premium credits. Can I work out less often just to go to those premium studios is the question. ClassPass is really giving me some serious anxiety.

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