10 Things To Do Sunday to Stop Hating Monday

We’ve all been there. It’s Monday, you’re tired, stressed out, no snacks, trying to schedule a meeting and a workout at the same time. Again, no snacks! Even worse, waking up mid-week for that important meeting not being able to find your lucky blouse or notes. Routine is key in this chaos we call life, so don’t leave yourself hanging. If you find yourself consistently feeling at a loss during the week or a little more frazzled than necessary, take a page out of our book! Here are 10 actions for a better planned week.

1. Plan Out Your Workouts:

Hopefully by Sunday you know where your week is headed . . at least generally. Maybe you can’t go ahead and book all your classes right away but at least make note! This is a great way to keep track of goals, give you week some structure, and make plans with friends!

2. . .and then, Pack your gym bag:

Pick out your outfits, organize your things, and pack away! It’s such a relief and time saver in the mornings to have your things ready to go. No rushing around, no forgetting stuff. These are our favorite gym bags and quick toiletries incase you have some after workout plans!

3. Meal Prep:

Even take it a step further and get the grocery shopping done on Saturday! If you’re like me, the same meal gets super boring throughout the week. So when I shop I like to make sure I grab a few different seasonings or sides to mix it up! On Sunday, set aside some time especially for cooking and make it fun. Throw on a great playlist and enjoy the time being creative! Bonus points if you can get your hubby or friends involved for a cute night in.

Everyone please witness Haley meal-prepping as we speak. #GirlsWhoGrill

4. Budget Out Your Week:

This one is hard for me. Especially if I’m starting the week with grocery shopping! However, once you do it a few times, you’ll see the patterns in yourself and it’ll be a no brainer. You’ll eventually know almost exactly how much you’ll need for a weeks worth of food and extras. It’s important to keep in mind a few bucks for the unexpected – but budgets are there for a reason! It’s sad – but it help pay for stuff like Yacht Week!

5. Weekly To-Do List:

This is more for those of you with multiple jobs or multiple humans you’re responsible for. Though, I do find myself in need of a bit more of a plan on some weeks. Work has a way of throwing multiple things at you at the same time as friends and family. It can never hurt to write it all down and keep a calendar! I know I’ve never been as embarrassed as I have been when missing an important date or assignment.

6.  Enjoy Your Hobby

Whatever it is you’re into – music, writing, hiking – make sure your weekend includes some carved out time for that. We don’t always get time during the week to do what we love, even if we planned it. It can become disappointing and a source of stress when our passions get pushed to a back burner, so take a bit of time on a Sunday. Even better if you can share it with someone!

For the record, I’ve chosen Hobby Horsing as my new hobby #HasNoOneElseSeenThis

7. Wash All Your Sheets and Towels:

Having fresh linens in addition to a regular load of laundry is just the literal bees knees. You can take this tip to mean just regular laundry but – Sunday is for feeling good. Nothing makes me feel better than getting out of the shower, into clean pajamas, and into a clean bed. It’s all about your preference.

8. Clean Out Your Fridge:

Ok, ok, we’re getting a little nit picky here. This is maybe a one Sunday a month type thing. However, cleaning is never a bad idea. Can you imagine waking up on Monday morning, coming out of your room, and seeing an orderly and fresh apartment/house/whatever? I’m not talking full on spring cleaning here. I’m just saying maybe hang up that jacket thats been laying on the side of your couch all weekend.

9. Catch Up With Family/Friends:

Get the low down, the 411, the gossip, the deets, (how many more lame catch phrases can she have?) so you can be all caught up for your week. The buzz around town (one more!) can get in the way of getting your act together on a Monday morning. Catching up with your besties on a Sunday night can be such a great relaxing way to wrap up a weekend. I’ve actually had a cooking and wine night with friends to kill two birds with one stone! (ok i’m done. maybe.)

10. Do Something For Yourself:

Don’t Let Monday Ruin Your Sunday

I find this to be the most important tip of all! Whether it’s taking some time out to spruce up the nail situation, go for a run, or do literally no things at all, don’t forget it’s still Sunday! I am definitely #TeamNoThings and love to be lazy on Sundays. The only thing worse than an actual Monday is feeling like your weekend was wasted.

You are now ready for the week ahead!


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