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LikeToKnow.It, Love It, I Want Some More of It

We have all been there. We scroll Instagram and become envious of girls and their “up to date” outfits. Yet, we have no idea where to buy these pieces of clothing or have time to walk around the mall in search for something similar. I, personally, do not like crowded spaces or waiting in lines. You may remember, I have mentioned before that social media is the best and worst thing to happen to our society. I have now run upon just one more reason I LOVE social media. In 2015, Liketoknow.It was created and changed online shopping for the better! For someone who, again, hates lines and malls; this changed my shopping life.

boxes at front door

My mom likes to make jokes in regards to my age group buying everything online…including groceries. But I ask, why not? Who wants to go to a crowded grocery store, buy unnecessary items we probably won’t eat, and haul these items all the way home?  Matter of fact, who wants to walk around a crowded mall, mindlessly looking for clothing on a hanger shoved on a rack? Personally, I love seeing real people wearing real clothing, telling me where I can purchase them without even leaving my couch. I, like many people, am a visual person. I love to see what things look like together (i.e. shirts, skirts, shoes, pants).


LikeToKnow.It to the rescue. Many woman have turned their hobbies into helping us look our best at an affordable price. Here’s how this works:

  1. Create an Instagram account if you haven’t already
  2. Head over to on Instagram
  3. When you see a picture of someone wearing items you like, just double click (like) the picture!
  4. Whatever email address is associated with your Instagram account will receive an email with links to all of these items and where you can purchase them
  5. Try not to buy everything you see


Many women have started using their personal page to showcase their own outfits as well. You will see #liketkit in their comment section as well as their symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. These pictures are up for grabs as well.

Like them…like as many pictures as you want. There is no limit.

That’s right…. life is made easier but my bank account is not too fond of me.

LikeToKnow.It App

LikeToKnow.It now has a super user friendly app! Once you have “liked” pictures on Instagram, their app stores all of your preferences and lets you click the links straight from the app. This makes things easier by scrolling through and letting me see all of the pieces of clothing I have liked and chose to go back to later, after pay day, to purchase more items. SCORE!

LikeToKnow.It Home

Clothes are great and all but have you ever built a home, renovated your home or wanted to add beautiful pieces to your home? LikeToKnow.It.Home now gives us that opportunity to “like” other people’s homes and be able to have links to products in their home. Everything looks the same as LikeToKnow.It. This is just another glorious category. All of your “liked” pictures will be stored in the same place on your app.

RBT Opinion: I honestly think the app should make a different section of preferences for Home. That way when I go back to check my likings, I can find things easier! (Maybe I will write in and request for this feature.)

I mean can it get any better? I am currently building and while things are wrapping up, I find myself trying to find lamps, blankets, and decorations for my new home. This is a struggle for me considering that what I really want to do is place all of my furniture in the room so I can visualize what decorations I will want and need. Have I mentioned I’m a visual person? I love seeing how people decorate their homes and use certain products. It gives me motivation. P.S….who knew Target has some pretty awesome home decor??


We are a generation that has adopted online shopping into our lifestyle for convenience even though the older generations might criticize us for it- though we could turn right around and criticize them for equal practices. Times have changed and I can’t say I am mad about it.



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