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FitReserve Picks Up in DC – ClassPass Credits Competitor?

Guys guys guys! Already up and running in New York and Boston; the newest multi-studio workout craze is finally in DC. Actually, it’s BEEN here. Seemingly quietly launching in May – it seems as though this newcomer is now gaining some traction. FitReserve, touting it’s catch phrase as “The Premier Multi-Studio Fitness Membership” has opened it’s services to the capital city, and has already swept up some of the best studios. Could this be the answer to our ClassPass Credits woes?

Including everything from Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, barre, HIIT, TRX, spin, boxing – seemingly endless options! FitReserve has hit the ground running with a few DC Favorites. Reformation Fitness, Zengo Cycle, CrossFit DC, and District Pilates are just a few. Check out the whole offering here – I’m sure more studios will hop on the bandwagon once it really takes off.

In a quote from Co-founder and CEO, Megan Smyth, “”Fitness is a way of life, but it also has to fit your life, which is where FitReserve comes in. By providing access to all class times at top studios, you can work out when and where you want with no restrictions.” – DC Refined

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The Best Parts!

– You can attend studios up to 4x per cycle! Goodbye to the CP days of wanting that one extra go at your favorite studio and having to fork over literally all of your remaining credits. OR buying like $50 worth of more credits just to attend a favorite class again. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE. (please note on FR sampler 3 pack you can only visit once per studio)

– Users have access to the WHOLE studio schedule! No more waiting around for the last pick spots or fringe times. *This could be a reason why big names such as Pure Barre and FlySports haven’t joined up quite yet. I’ve definitely heard from studio owner friends that their biggest beef with ClassPass is users late cancelling and the studio is not allowed to refill their space. It’s also a reason why big name studios are hard to find on CP – they only open their “best” times to “real” members. 3rd Party bookers are treated as lesser guests, mainly because the studio isn’t paid the same for their attendance. Apparently, FitReserve pays studios close to if not the same as they’d receive for their own members!

– Once you sign up for a membership, you start receiving exclusive “Members-Only” promotions to a number of really awesome high end beauty and fitness services! FitReserve calls them “Perks” and really, I don’t see the down side. These perks include apparel, nutrition, lifestyle brands – I literally might sign up just to find out what offers are there.

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Why Do We Love Multi-Studio Memberships So Much?

It’s super helpful/beneficial to switch up your routine with different workouts to avoid plateau and boredom. You side-step getting stuck in a rut and wont feel like your progress is going nowhere! I know a few of us may be feeling that way with our New Years Resolutions and are still reeling from the holiday seasons binging . . .

Plus, summer isn’t as far as we think! Given, I’m definitely an advocate for fitness all year around – though we all know there is definitely a lot more pressure when the weather gets warmer. I believe we should be looking out for our health and physique every month, but I’m no stranger to the burden!

Some of you have asked me what my favorite workouts are. I’m a BIG fan of boxing, barre, spin, and I’ve always been a runner! Haley on the other hand – more of a lifter and HIIT workout killa!

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What’s The Catch?

Sampler Plan (3 classes/month) – $55
Starter Plan (5 classes/month) – $75
Gold Plan (10 classes/month) – $135
Platinum Plan (20 classes/month) – $225

– Obviously, much pricier than ClassPass, which tops out at $105 a month for 10 classes). The 5 Pack (35 credits) that you all know I’m on as I’ve reviewed it, is still only $55. So, comparatively you’re going to be paying for the perks. But, honestly, twenty bucks more is one less dinner out to dedicate to your abs? Sounds like a deal to me.

– Unused classes do not roll over into the next membership cycle. (same as ClassPass)

– Currently you can only use your membership in your home city, where with CP you can bounce around wherever it is offered. This is a functionality they hope to gain as it is offered in more cities! It’s still a start up y’all, give it some time. I do travel for work quite a bit though so I’ve used my CP in other cities which I would definitely miss on FR. . .

– Um.. they don’t have an App for Android yet. SO like, I can’t use it. I’ve been #teamandroid for years now. That’s not so cool.

– I did find this one super displeasing fine print in the websites FAQ’s. Say you have a financial upset or you just don’t want to do it anymore for whatever reason. You can cancel at anytime! Want to eventually re-up though? “Please note that there is a $49 reactivation fee if you wish to return to FitReserve in the future.” – FitReserve FAQ

YAH So, obviously we have a few things to consider here #FitFam.

Do we want to cancel ClassPass and give FitReserve a try? ClassPass doesn’t have a “reup” fee if we want to go back. So is it worth a month of paying a bit more to see if you enjoy more passes and perks?

If you’re contemplating it  . . . GET THAT BEGINNING PROMO! You can save 20% on your first three months by using the code DCFIT20 at checkout.

Also if you’re contemplating it – we want to talk to you! Reach out to us here or at to talk more!



  1. I feel like you can’t go wrong with either for a home membership. I just came across another new/potential competitor, but their offering seems to only be travel-based. From what I have gathered, they are offering unlimited visits to 5000+ gyms and studios for like $10/mo. It seems pretty awesome, but it doesn’t solve the home membership issue. Maybe get them both? Here’s their site if you want to look for yourself,

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