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How To Throw The Best Bachelorette Weekend…. Nashville Edition

If you had asked me at 22 years old where I would want to go on my bachelorette trip, I would have said VEGASSSSSSS. The shows, the shots and the late nights were a must at the time. As I am approaching my 30’s, I am realizing what I thought would be a fun bachelorette trip is slowing changing. Now, a trip to the mountains or the beach and relaxing with my girls sipping good wine sounds like the perfect getaway. Does this make me boring admitting this??

Nashville is now officially the number one bachelorette trip location in the United States. I can not blame everyone, I love my city. After planning my friend’s bachelorette trip here in Nashville and witnessing multiple bride’s and their tribes, I feel as though I can help any future ladies trying to plan the best trip (whether in Nashville or elsewhere).


Here are a few of my tips:

  1. Rent an airbnb home. Nashville’s hotels are dumb expensive so airbnb is the way to go here. A few locations to look at would be 12 South, The Nations, The Gulch, and anywhere downtown. Why would you want to sit in separate hotel rooms when you could walk downstairs and enjoy the company anywhere in the house….without the judgement of your hotel neighbors because mimosas are your thing at 9am??
  2. Head to Amazon and buy a few “things” for the bride and her friends. You don’t HAVE to go all out and buy penis everything. That is a little obnoxious. I spent $30 through Amazon Prime and received everything I needed in 2 days (ex: sash, cute cups, flash tats, matching shirts)
  3. Make dinner reservations a few weeks ahead of time. The food in Nashville is outstanding but reservations go quickly. Here are a few of my favorite restaurants to hit up while here. Virago, Saint Anejo, 5th and Taylor, The Southern, Henrietta Red.

facetune_25-03-2018-15-43-594.  Not only is Nashville’s dinner food amazing but we are known for our Brunch. DO it….everyone does it. DO NOT come to Nashville and not try the hot chicken or anyone’s brunch. You will thank me later. My brunch recommendations are Saint Anejo, Frothy Monkey, LA Jackson, Milk and Honey and Tavern.

5. Many of the ladies on our trip love wine so I thought heading to Arrington Winery would be perfect. Unfortunately, the weather did not allow us to head 30 minutes out of town to enjoy this beautiful place so we had to come up with plan B…..Broadway 🙂

6. Everyone loves a southern lady so head downtown to Broadway and tap your boots to amazing live country music. I would be surprised if you found a bar downtown playing terrible music. A few of my favorite bars downtown are Crazy Town, FGL, Whiskey Row, Valentine.


7. Above I mentioned 5th and Taylor. This is a delicious spot to chill and eat/drink with your friends…. but the real gem is located right behind this restaurant. THE BACK CORNER. That’s right. If you want to get away from the country music scene, head to this booty shaking spot to dance and hear the most up to date pop/rap music. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.


8. Pedal Tavern: The place to actually have to work for your beer or alcohol. Have you seen these around town?? They’re pretty annoying when you are trying to get to work but I do have to say….they do look super fun. Unfortunately for my crew, the rain hindered us from participating in this Nashville staple. The pedal taverns in Nashville book months out so reserve your spot if you are serious about it. With a driver and a bartender on the “tavern”, pedaling to get from point A to point B while singing Britney Spears with all of your friends and sipping on whatever drink you brought; these are times for making memories.

9. Sunday Funday: KUNG FU SALOON…. Sunday’s are for football and mimosas. While football is at a halt, mimosas are forever!!!! Kung Fu, located in midtown, has the perfect combination of DJ dancing inside with video arcade games and lawn games outside (life size jenga, corn hole, ping pong). There is nothing like a little friendly competition on a Sunday afternoon.

Do not feel like you have to spend thousands of dollars on your bride. There is a way to spend a reasonable amount of money and have the most amazing time. I have been to quite a few bachelorette trips (just call me 27 Dresses) and I can honestly say you can have fun no matter where you go. These are a few of my best tips for anyone trying to plan the best bachelorette trip possible.



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