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30 Day Squat, Water and No Alcohol Challenge… Here’s What Happened

30 days may seem like a long time but those days are going to pass you no matter what so why not challenge yourself? Bathing suit season {and my 30th Birthday} are right around the corner and there are some things I wanted to achieve before then because building and buying my first home was not quite enough.

My girlfriends and I decided to start a 30 day squat challenge because everyone…I’m looking at you men as well… need a plump firm booty. Am I right?? This challenge consisted on 100 air squats a day.

weight loss fitness GIF by 8fit-downsized_large (1).gifAir Squats: you know, just regular squats without any weights. Have you seen people’s before and after pictures? They’re pretty astounding. Someone told me I would gain 1.5 inches in my rear so maybe I should try this longer than 30 days 🙂 Easy enough right?? Wrong. I included these squats into my already strenuous weekly workouts and the results were pretty interesting.

Next, I decided to push myself a little farther. I drank 1 gallon of water a day. I have a very hard time remembering to drink water. It is one of the best things our bodies, skin and overall well being and I cannot even remember to pour myself a glass. I need an adultier adult helping me in this area.

Last BUT NOT LEAST, I decided to cut out all alcohol for these 30 days. That’s right people…. no wine, vodka, nothing. I love a glass of red wine with a nice dinner or sitting around with friends but I knew this was one more thing I could challenge myself with.

After week one of 100 squats a day, 1 gallon of water a day and not alcohol, I had a different outcome and perspective than I had thought. The first week was hard….really hard. I mean I went out two weekends in a row and was the designated driver by default. It would be a lie if I said I was miserable….I wasn’t. I had a blast with my friends while they drank and felt WONDERFUL waking up the next morning.

sober GIF-downsized_large

My booty was a little sore from all of the squats. I started with sets of 25 with a 10 second break in between. I could not see results yet but I knew they would come….they better. As for the water….OH THE WATER! Be prepared to be close to a restroom at all times. I caught myself running there every 30 minutes probably because I am not used to so much H20.


After the full 30 days, I was pretty happy with my results. My booty was starting to plump up a little. It was not where I wanted it to be, so another 30 days of squats will just have to do. If you cannot tell, this is my problem area. We all have one and this just so happens to be mine. GROW!!! Gosh darn it.

Next, let’s talk about the water. A GALLON OF WATER A DAY. This is not something I thought could be done but I did it and I actually crave water throughout the day now. I could tell in the way my skin looked as well in the way my stomach and body felt that water was what my body NEEDED. I am going to continue to drink more water and carry my water bottle around with me for reminders. Am I going to drink a gallon a day?? Probably not that much.

Last but definitely NOT least, let me tell you about my 30 days without alcohol of any sorts. I did it…I actually did it. No wine for 30 days. After the first 7 days, I did not have the craving to have one glass of wine. I was also not mad at the fact that someone was drinking a glass next to me and I had to watch while drinking my gallon of water. That’s right. I came to a point where I did not want a glass. I actually wanted water and did not feel pressure to drink (thanks friends…y’all are the bomb). Maybe my body craved water because it was used to it at this point. Maybe my body liked waking up in the morning without feeling sluggish.

Facetune_28-03-2018-09-32-18I may never know the answers to this but I do know this: I love how I feel, I love how I am starting to look and I love that I can challenge myself with the support of friends and family to help me achieve these goals. Grab a few friends and come up with something that challenges you. Make a goal and support each other to achieve this. You can do it.

Advice on how to survive:

  1. I refilled my Defiance Fuel 33.8 fl oz  water bottle 3 times a day. I knew drinking 3 of these bottles would equal 1 gallon. You can always use a washable bottle as well.
  2. Watch tv while squatting. It takes your mind off of how many reps you have left…trust me.
  3. After the first week, I did not care to have a glass of wine. It takes 3-5 days to lose the craving or the craving of the taste.





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