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May 2018 Fitness Feature: Butts By Butts

Ladies and Gentlemen; it is time to get your rear ends right. It’s almost bathing suit season and everyone loves a good tush! I cannot believe I am saying this but I truly feel as though the Kardashians have brought awareness to the back side (whether real or fake) because red beans and rice didn’t miss them. We cannot stop staring….OH BABYYYY!

My good friend, Sam Butts, is a trainer and nutrition based guru in Nashville. I may have a girl crush and possibly envious of her butt. She is hilariously brilliant in her methods and I am so excited to share her secrets with you.

Sam Butts recently took her last name to a whole new level and capitalized on creating intense butt workouts you can do anywhere. This is wonderful for the ladies wanting to plump up the tush the morning before putting on that bikini. Am I right? I was able to sit down with Butts by Butts Fitness and understand how easy health and fitness can be when guided by the right person/people. Check it out! 🙂 Also, make sure to check out my personal experience with these workouts at the bottom!



Hey everyone! Sam Butts here. I am the Owner and Founder of Butts By Butts Fitness. A little bit about my background: I grew up in a small town in Cadiz, Kentucky. Growing up I was a three sport athlete and I have always loved fitness and wellness. I was extremely active my entire childhood and always wanted to be the best at whatever I was doing, which meant a lot of hard work. After all the years of sports I ended up going to Austin Peay State University to play Division I college softball. Once the college years were through I had found myself at a point of being burnout on fitness and being told what to do when it came to training. My whole life was, “You have to run this!”, “You have to lift that!”

I moved to Nashville in June of 2012 after college and after several months of “time off” from anything fitness related I really began to find that inner peace of, “I want to workout again.”, “I want to get into the gym and sweat again.” I ran into someone who told me to look into crossfit and that’s all she wrote. Throughout the last 5.5 years of my life, crossfit has been my life. It has completely allowed me to evolve as a person. From the communities I have been a part of to the friends that I have made in the sport of fitness. There have been numerous ups and downs, but it has been something that has brought my life pure joy. Crossfit has allowed me to focus on my fitness, my career, my lifelong health as well as my nutrition and just overall wellness.

About a year and a half ago, I quit my corporate job. I was pursuing healthcare IT sales and recruitment for a large national firm based out of Brentwood, TN and decided that in order for me to be happy it meant giving all of that up to follow my dreams . It took alot of praying but I knew God had a plan and was going to take care of me. It was time to pursue fitness. I have been building Butts By Butts for the last year. BBB is a remote nutrition and fitness platform that offers nutrition coaching and fitness programming. 100% of my focus is now given to my company. I have rolled out BBB within the CrossFit community and other fitness communities in Nashville, TN.  

One reason I really fell in love with nutrition is because that was the missing link for me in the sport of CrossFit. I have always been able to eat what I choose while being decently good at CrossFit. Mid Summer 2017, a friend of mine came to me and asked to help me with my nutrition. She currently works for a very large corporate company working with crossfit athletes across the country. I trusted her and throughout the process I have noticed a significant body composition change as well becoming more knowledgeable with my body awareness when it came to what I was putting into my body. It has really helped me become a better athlete and an overall healthier person.

I felt better because I was eating better.

Throughout the first month of following a nutrition plan, I realized I had a passion for this. I wanted to see the same change in other people because of what it was doing to me. I thrive off of other people coming to me saying “I lost 5 lbs.”, “I can fit in this”, or “I just feel better in my own skin.”  I find beauty in helping the world see nutrition as a lifestyle and becoming a better version of themselves all while becoming the best version of myself.


So here I am, 28 years old and could not be happier. My short term plan is to continue to build my online fitness/nutrition platform. I do macro based nutrition programs based around the “flexible dieting” method. I want people to be able to eat whatever they want; whether they are keto, paleo, zone, whole 30, etc., but be precise. If someone is needing more regimented type diets, I create customized meal plans as well. What I embody and what I pursue is performance based nutrition. I am a nutrition coach. I see what is going on with an individual and coach them weekly to reach their end body goals.


Recently, I have brought on a friend of mine who brings a different aspect of nutrition to the table. She gives me a lot of interesting views on how to incorporate a lot of other things in wellness. They say two is better than one and Kaitlyn is the person who helps me in all aspects. I met her through crossfit. Kaitlyn is very bright and has helped me grow Butts By Butts to what it is now through marketing platforms and social media.



Sam is such an authentic, fun, joyful, energetic friend to be around… I don’t even remember the first time we were introduced, it just feels like we didn’t know each other and then BAM, we were good friends. I met Sam at my CrossFit gym and we instantly started combining work and fun –  she’s great at casting the vision, and through visual design I was able to bring to life some of her Butts By Butts projects. That was the first step we took towards partnering – I brought my career skills of online marketing, web/graphic design and videography to help create a bridge for more people to connect with her and experience what it’s like to be a Butts by Butts client. And things have really picked up speed in just the few months that we’ve been doing more work together.

My backstory: About a year ago, I left the corporate world to pursue the freelance lifestyle – it was the scariest leap I’d ever made until I realized how invaluable my flexibility and freedom was. This freedom gave me availability to begin pursuing my true passions which are in the fitness and nutrition world. I got my CFL1 to teach CrossFit after being a member for 4 years and amateur competitive athlete, and have been pursuing more certifications for nutrition. 

I come from a background of struggling for years with disordered eating – from body image issues to food issues. In the last few years the Lord has completely healed me and renewed my life, and if it’s one thing I hate more than having lost years of my life to the lies of an eating disorder, it’s watching other have their light stolen as well. We can both workout AND love our bodies… we can eat healthy and be disciplined just because we love ourselves and love feeling our best, not out of guilt or shame.

I am so excited to be working with Sam – we bring very different backgrounds to the table – she has years of experience in athletics and dialed nutrition, and I have a heavy focus on the holistic side of sustainable fitness and health. We both focus on building positive mindsets that fuel individual fitness and nutrition, which defines a lifetime of healthy pursuits.

I really focus on the mindset and eating for wellness for you entire life. Mine and Sam’s focuses are unique but we build on each other, and now we get to serve a larger group of people. I love learning from Sam and bouncing ideas around with her – the sky is the limit…



Haley (at RBT):

As a ‘retired’ crossfitter, I can honestly say Sam’s workouts are some of my favorite. I am pretty athletic and love a good workout but I am also not 18 anymore. My soccer days have come to an end. With knee problems as a result, running is not in my routine anymore. Sam incorporates resistance band work as well as dumbbell weights into her great workouts. I never thought wrapping a band around my thighs while squatting would do anything but, let me tell you this…I have not been so sore in my life! My LOVE for working my rear end is ridiculous. It is my favorite day at the gym.

Not once in class did I hit the treadmill or the rower (even though I do love a good row workout). This butts class is 30 minutes of movements most people “know” about but with a twist Sam has created that is all her own. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can do it. You will leave there knowing you just had one of the best workouts.

Oh Hey that’s me ^^^^^^

Sam is extremely encouraging while playing a bomb playlist. Think “Drop It Low” by Ester Dean with a little Future and CardiB!!!! Two things you need to know: 1) you will be bobbing your head to the music while working your backside. 2) you might need to use the handicap stall in the bathroom at work for a few days after.

It hurts so good!!!

Butts by Butts Fitness is much more than just working the bum (seriously, how many names can I come up with for your butt??). Sam is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and nutrition. If you are local to Nashville, you can hit up her awesome BBB classes. If not, DO NOT WORRY! Let her help you with your nutrition. She can get you back on track whether you are trying lose weight, gain weight or just want to feel better. She is your go to. Sam meets you where you are and your goals to create for you the best nutrition. Thank goodness for the internet because you can live anywhere and receive her amazing services! 🙂

If you are looking for help in any of these areas, she is the person to call/email/text/DM/send a smoke signal to. She is an amazing athlete and an even better person so do not miss out on her awesomeness.


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