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Nelly In My Belly

If ‘Nelly In My Belly’ doesn’t make you giggle, I’m not sure what will.

I (Haley) am really excited to share with you guys a friend of mine and her newest business adventure. We all have asked ourselves, “What do I really want to do with my life?” and “What truly makes me happy?” Well Nelly asked herself these same questions and is now excited where her life is taking her. Check it out: 

I am sitting on a plane heading to Cancun thinking about the new business I created out of my passion and love for cooking. This trip is completely paid for from the money made by “Nelly in My Belly.” A company created a month ago, but an idea in the works for years now.

We all want to be good at something, or at least I hope you do. I know I do. So why not be good at something we have to do every day, something everyone has to do every day? Food is essential to life. I could go on and on about all of the reasons to cook and to cook well, but if it’s just not you then let me do it for you!

How It All Started

People in my life started showing up at my condo more and more to eat. They started asking me to come over for dinner. I even started a weekly cooking class as an excuse to drink on a weekday with friends. I would post my meals on the gram and get comments all the time, “make me some”, “why wasn’t I invited”, “How do I make that,”? It got my wheels spinning.

My First Client – Ben Tate, was a former second round draft pick out of Auburn University. He sent me a message asking me if I meal prep and if I would meal prep for him? I responded in seconds, yes!

The Belly Business

It started with one client, then it grew to two. Last week, I had five! My weeks are spent creating a meal prep plan. What I will buy at the store and how I will season it. I make a spreadsheet of the proteins I will use and how I can incorporate sides. I’ve created a technique to control the portions. There is a science to it because everyone is different and has different fitness / health goals and every clients’ needs have to be met in the belly business. It is important to me. My food is a representation of me.

My Promise

You won’t eat the same, bland meal every day.

I have multiple clients which gives me the freedom to buy multiple groceries. You will open your container to different meats and different veggies. Baking, roasting, and grilling are just a few of the things I do. Some of my specialties are buying fresh ingredients, using natural spices and making my own sauces.

I save you money where I can, but I am not afraid to spend when needed if it’s better for you. I watch documentaries, I do research and I invest in you as a client.

You will get meals, but you will also get snacks. I believe in overnight oatmeal and celery sticks filled with almond butter. It isn’t just about lunch and dinner its about what you are putting in your body all week.

I do this because I want to, not because I have to. Cooking is my passion! If I am not cooking for you, then I am cooking for someone else. My time in the kitchen preparing your meal is a special time for me. It is where I pour a glass of wine, talk to my creator, play my favorite songs and make magic in your containers.

Years in the Making

In 2012, I met someone who changed my life. Her name is Charity Morgan. She is now a celebrity chef, a mom to two beautiful babies and amazing wife to former first round draft pick and current Tennessee Titan, Derrick Morgan. She lived around the corner from me in Nashville, TN. Our paths crossed as she was starting her family. Her god given gift was cooking. Charity makes lives better using food. I showed up at the Morgan household weekly (if not daily) to watch her prepare dinner and take notes. She taught me to cut, to rinse, to think like a chef. We went through one of the hardest times in my life together sitting at her kitchen table. Life can be hard, but the food was really good and we got through it together. I watched as her son lit up when she would serve him dinner. I watched her husband call her and ask for his favorite meal after a bad day. A favorite meal has the power to make a bad day go away.

Six years later, I am now making memories in my own kitchen and watching people smile when they take bites and I will treasure these memories forever just like I treasure my memories with Charity. It started off as something that intrigued me, that I learned to be good at simply because I cared to try. I took classes, studied, got inspired in different countries and by different people who all loved it in their way until I learned to love it myself.


So, I guess I can say Nelly in Your Belly didn’t happen overnight. It’s been years in the making, hours in the kitchen, cuts, burns and lessons learned to get this started. Lastly, with all of this said, I am excited about where it is going. 


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