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San Diego…You Stole My Heart

San Diego absolutely stole my heart.

I hear the saying is “West Coast, Best Coast.”  The food, the people, the scenery… everything was well worth the 4 hour flight across the country.

Many people think southern California will be warm, especially in May. WRONG!!!! I wish I had checked the weather before packing because May was a LITTLE chilly. I had packed tank tops and bathing suits and shorts when in reality, I should have packed pants and sweaters. Way to look like a complete tourist 🙂

The first day was spent at the mall trying to find warmer clothes, in May. That was a lot harder than we thought. We finally found a few things to add to our closets and made our way out to the GasLamp District. This was one of my favorite places in San Diego. I remember going to the zoo as a child but I was too young to remember the actual city.

Have I mentioned I LOVE food?

Living in Nashville, I have become pretty spoiled with the amazing food but San Diego did not disappoint. A few of my favorite restaurants we went to while there were Puesto, Juniper and Ivy, Lionfish, and Oceanaire. The seafood is fresh (because you’re on the water) but the atmospheres were even better. I made reservations at all of the places because you never know when going on a holiday weekend. When I am hungry….I AM HUNGRY! #hangry

I just LOVE a good rooftop bar. The Nolen was probably my favorite rooftop we went to. The view of the city and the water made the cooler weather more bearable. This was a great spot for us to grab a drink before heading to dinner. We could have stayed longer and probably eaten dinner there but an appetizer and a drink with a great view was perfect.


If you make the trip to San Diego, you HAVE to go to Coronado Island. This quaint little island, just over the bridge from San Diego, will have you thinking you’re in the Hamptons on the west coast. You will never believe you are a 15 minute ride to a major California city. The beaches, the homes, Hotel De Coronado, the restaurants and ice cream shops….you will want to spend a solid day here exploring and taking pictures.

I cannot forget how amazing the San Diego Zoo and Safari were. I, as a 30 year old, probably had more fun than the kids. I am not ashamed to admit that. I love animals (except roaches…gross). The zoo is very close to downtown San Diego but the Safari is about a 30-40 minute drive outside of the city so plan accordingly.

As I mentioned, I am now 30 and do not like to “club” anymore but the Vin De Syrah bar was spectacular. This Alice in Wonderland themed bar will have you wondering why every city does not have this. You will never forget the great music and amazing decorations inside.

I love being outdoors and trying new things but when it comes time for sleep, I want a nice, comfy bed. We stayed at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel and I recommend this place for anyone heading to the city. With a view of the water on one side and the city on the other, you cannot go wrong with this hotel right across the street from the Padres baseball stadium and the Gaslamp District.


The best way to view the city is via LIME (electric scooters).


P.S…. The California weather did wonders to my hair. Thank you to the no humidity weather 🙂




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