8 Podcasts You Need To Hear This Summer

Friends, when I say I have been traveling a lot this summer – this is no exaggeration. If you follow our Insta Stories you know! From DC to Connecticut, back to DC, to Wilmington, to NYC, flying all over the USA – I can’t possibly just listen to music this whole time! It would drive me NUTS.


Yes I’m working and writing much of this time as well but honestly – it’s a great time to check out. I’ve taken this note from executives and mentors in almost every stage of life. When you have a few free hours that are automatically just given to you – take them. So, with my time, I choose to be enriched! Sometimes, that means exploring the cosmos or building up my #girlboss persona. Sometimes, that means laughing till I cry. Podcasts are absolute gold and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you.

(Please someone get this Pussy Cat Dolls movie reference)

1. 2 Dope Queens  This WNYC podcast by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson is so accessible, honest, and personal. You can tell they actually enjoy each others company and aren’t struggling to find topics to chat about – plus their guests are always on point with diverse humour. A big favorite of mine is that they are close in age to myself so their situational humor is highly relatable. Given, I do typically have a bit ‘older’ taste in some things but I straight LOST IT when they were riffing about knowing all the words to Hillary Duff’s “So Yesterday” (#Idotoo).

I will note, I do occasionally get exhausted at how “millennial” they get slipping in comments on ‘gender normative’ behavior or whatever – but you do you girls. You’re killin’ it. You’ve probably seen their HBO special by now as well!

2. Marathon Talk – Motivation to get off the sofa for a run! You all probably know I’m an avid runner myself, and runners – we like to talk about running. How do you know if someone is a marathoner/vegan/does crossfit? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. And it’s so true!

This podcast is the UK’s number-one running show and is listened to all over the globe by people trying to motivate themselves to start running for the very first time as well as running experts.

3. TED Radio Hour – SO ADDICTIVE, and legit interesting. Topics range from unravelling American politics, to exploring why we hate, to even interviewing a man who’s recorded sounds that no longer exist in our world. These weekly podcasts are a great way to expand your way of thinking on your way to and from your mundane office job.

TED Radio Hour is what you need.


4. The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast – This one is Stuart Goldsmith, an English comedian, talking to other comics, about the art of being a comedian. It’s a brilliant alliteration of hilarity and delving into the process of writing all in one – I couldn’t love it more. It’ll keep you on your listening toes as well as each episode/track/session whatever you want to call it – is recorded in a different place.

5. The Hilarious World of Depression – Just my exact taste of funny and dark humor. In “The Hilarious World of Depression” John Moe interviews comedians about their mental health issues. It’s always been my stance that it’s weirdly reassuring hearing from people who are at the top of their game talk openly about mental health and when it isn’t all that healthy. Even when you don’t “need to talk”, this is a great listen.

6. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes – Along the same lines as the last, actually insightful advice on anxiety, stress, motivation, and procrastination is quite typically hard to come by when it isn’t filled with pithy/preachy overstatements. These podcasts by Gregg Clunis are only a few minutes a piece and offer .. wait for it .. actual actionable advice. As the title suggests – you’ll hear just a few little nuggets of real thought provoking – but marginal – improvements you can make. All leading to a big overall change.

7. In the Dark – Who doesn’t need a good murder mystery? These days however, in a weird way, the true crime genre is getting pretty competitive in having the ‘best story’. Kinda effed up, no? Front runners in this category would also be My Favorite Murder, Small Town Murder, Serial Killers, …Anyways .. season one of In The Dark looks into the abduction of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling in Minnesota during the 1980s and examines why it took 27 years for someone to confess to the crime. Plus, just recently season two was released following Curtis Flowers who has been tried SIX times for the same crime. He’s maintained his innocence now for 21 years, continuing to win appeal after appeal. How can the justice system ignore the prosecutors record and keep Flowers on death row?

8. GirlBoss Radio with Sophia Amoruso  Self explanatory title, Sophia Amoruso makes all listeners feel like the CEO of their own lives. Her interviews with the boundary pushing, limitless, successful women across many industries are inspiring to say the least. Not only are the conversations vulnerable and relatable but they bring a hilarity to the ridiculousness of life that we all know, while offering actually useful insight.


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