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July 2018 Fitness Feature: Maveriq


Online Personal Training, Meal Planning, Overall Better Yourself Company.

We have all been there. We want our summer body without having to get off the couch. We want someone to help us with our diet but do not know the science behind it nor do we want to have to go to the grocery store and try to figure out what we could cook. Maveriq to the rescue!!!!

I, Haley, met one of my best friends, Clinton, about 8 years ago. At the time he had an office/8-5 job but loved crossfit and helping people more than anything. He decided to quit his corporate job and go into business with 2 of his close friends, Josh and Ryan. 3 men coming from 3 different backgrounds has really helped diversify them. Josh and Ryan come from a background of fitness/nutrition as well. They have devoted their lives to educating themselves and learning how to become the best at what they do.

Creating Maveriq has taken time, patience, money and a strong will to want to help others. Each member brings a different aspect to the company which has been beneficial in broadening their clientele.

Although Maveriq is located in Alabama, these guys are not specific to one location.. Whether you are in Alabama, California, or Texas, Maveriq is for you and everyone.


I had the chance to sit down with the men who started Maveriq and get to know the company more as well as how this all came about….

1. How did you guys meet? Tell us a bit about your history together.

We meet through Crossfit and starting working with each other almost 4 years ago.

2. What first gave you the idea to start Maveriq?

The reason why we started Maveriq was because the Crossfit world was getting too predictable. We felt like we had a great idea that could mix Crossfit with bodybuilding/powerlifting. Maveriq is a combination of many types of workouts. One specific type is not suitable for everyone and we feel as though by broadening our scope of work, helps people achieve the results they are looking for. You have to shock your body. If you are doing the same type of exercises everyday, you will not see the results wanted.

3. Where does the name Maveriq come from and why did you choose that?

The word Maverick means untamed wild bull. So we wanted to be different so we changed the ck to q. Maveriq was built to be unorthodox training with principles from cross training, weight lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. We consider our programs wild and untamed but get the results you want

4. What sets you and Maveriq apart from any other training programs?

What sets us apart is we understand the day to day grind of life so our programs are built with that in mind. Everyday brings a new challenge.

5. What type of crowd do you cater to? Women, men, athletes, etc.?

We train all fitness levels. Personal training, online training, classes, kids, and sports teams

6. Can you give me an example of the type of meal preps you do?

Ryan is one of the members of Maveriq that runs the meal prep. Ryan releases 3 meals each week that range from chicken to healthy pasta. He provides two type of meals(performance and skinny). The performance meals have more carbs for the athletes looking to perform at high level. The skinny meals are for the athletes looking to loss weight and keep carb intake low.

7. What would you like the readers to know about Maveriq and you guys as coaches?

We want people to know  that we are three normal guys that love making people feel better through working out and food. There’s a lot of programs and facilities in the world but we strive to be different in the way we coach and the way we prepare you for life.
Connect with us via social media! We would love to hear from you! 🙂

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