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How To Throw A Housewarming Party on A Budget

Many people think you need to go ALL OUT when throwing a housewarming partying. I definitely do NOT. I just recently threw my party on a budget and here is how I pulled it off.

Life: It Is What You Make Of It.

No one ever tells you how hard adulthood is. When kids, you celebrate the little things, so why not celebrate the little and big things as an adult? I would have to say building/buying your first home before you are 30 years old is kind of a big deal.

Realizing how big of a deal this was, I decided to have a low budget house warming party. Here are a few of my tips for pulling this off:

House Cleaning

I know many people clean their own home…I do as well. Although I want someone to come in and clean behind me once a month, it was nice to have someone come the day of to help me clean so I was not stressing. TAKL is one of the best apps I have ever used and saved me that day.


Let Shipt help you out and make your life easier. Here are a few things to serve your guests:

  • Meatballs: Italian cooked meatballs, grape jelly and chili sauce… set it the crockpot for 4 hours on low heat. Don’t forget to serve with toothpicks.
  • Veggie Tray: order a cut up veggie tray and ranch sauce.
  • m&ms
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Paint Brush Rice Krispy Treats: Premade rice krispie treats, colored icing and popsicle sticks


  • Drink: Minute Maid frozen pink lemonade, champagne, sliced strawberries, peaches and mangoes…all served in a large drink container


While many people think you need a lot of decorations, you do not. They should be there to see your home. So have a set playlist playing and invite everyone to lounge around the house and drink/eat. I did get a few decorations do serve the food.

Just a little tip: Plan your party from 4-7pm so you do not have to serve dinner. After the party, you can head to dinner or out for drinks. This will help you save a little money!! Be prepared for your friends to bring you housewarming gifts. What you have accomplished is a big deal.





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