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A Well-Organized Closet

We have all been there… rush to do laundry, fold clothes and hang them back up. Our lives are able to keep going if our clothes actually make it to a hanger or put in the correct drawer. We live such hectic lives that clutter builds up without even realizing it. Why is it that clutter makes us feel frantic? Do we feel as though when our home is a mess that our entire life is a mess?

Some people feel calm in messiness though – some famous people like Mozart loved the mess and crazy.

I am not one of those people.

After moving to my house, my closet was the last of things/rooms to perfect. By the time I found time to organize my closet, I really was not even sure where to start. My friend introduced me to a Nashville local who has perfected her craft and created a business organizing others’ homes and lives.

The process was simple yet productive. I met Alesia with A Well-Organized Home ( one afternoon at a Starbucks to introduce myself and verbalize my goals for my closet. She was amazing by showing me past projects and her vision for my closet. After meeting for about half an hour, we scheduled a time to meet at my house for her to view my closet and give me a time frame on how long it would take to declutter and reorganized my closet as well as products I needed. I let her know my vision and listened to how she could make that happen.

The next step was allowing Alesia into my home while I was at work. I left that morning with a messy closet and came home to a well organized closet. It was a great feeling.

Here are a few things Alesia worked on in my closet:

  • Rehung my clothes on new hangers to make more room
  • Placed my small purses into a divider to help me find them easier
  • Bought pool noodles to allow my boots to stand up correctly
  • Folded and organized my jeans, shorts, etc in my built in shelves

Now every single time I walk into my closet, I know exactly where things are located and it allows me a few extra minutes in the morning getting ready for work. No more stressing that I cannot find something.

The frustration of waking up feeling immediately irritated by my mess is now gone and it allows me to use that energy in a wiser way.  How we use our energy is so precious these days! While many think this is a large undertaking, it will make you feel so much better after!



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