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Our title, “Roads Best Traveled,” takes on two meanings for us. In travel and in life aren’t we always hearing of the way you should do it? The places you should go, the thoughts you should think, how you should classify yourself and the trips you should take? We broke that mold, disrupted the trend a bit, and bring you a different take on the travel and lifestyle blog.

Two different walks of life who couldn’t help but answer the call to join forces are here to share our thoughts and adventures with you. Honest journeys around the world told from the points of view of real people – and our authentic thoughts on life in general. Send us a note for guest posting opportunities!

About Me:
Rachel, Washington DC


The first thing you should know is I have a dry, satirical, and often probably a bit out of place sense of humor. It takes a moment of getting used too. Also i’m terrified of working away my 20’s and missing out on opportunities so I tend to act on whatever I can; a habit my bank account wishes I would break. Living in Washington DC I love to take in the sights and get as much out of the area as possible – it’s a privilege to live so close to so much opportunity. That being said, I haven’t left my apartment all weekend and I don’t plan too. You’ve got to have a balance, right? The lifestyle section of our blog is where I attempt to balance those thoughts on a multitude of topics.

Travel is additionally something I hold at a high importance, and something I know the majority of our generation strives to accomplish more of. I’ve heard goals such as “30 countries by the age of 30” or a bit smaller like just a new country every year but, honestly most of us simply don’t have those means. Which is why this blog is such an amazing source. Here we can travel the world together through our friends eyes – not through an agency directing you to the tourist traps. Here we can highlight the best places to go that are more accessible and ensure we are getting the most out of our precious PTO.

I started writing with Haley after meeting on our bananas vacation on The Yacht Week in Croatia and realizing that it was a “written in the stars” type partnership. We brainstormed the whole week about ways to put our minds together and finally landed on completely blowing up her already successful blog and making it our own!

About Me:
Haley, Nashville, TN


As a child, I was always on the go and into everything. Now as an adult {if that’s what I have to consider myself}, nothing has changed. I love exploring and staying busy which is why traveling has become one of my passions. I love exploring new places, food, cultures and experiences. I have serious FOMO so if I am ever offered an experience, I am more than likely going to take it. 

This blog became my passion project. I throw myself full steam ahead into everything I do and my idea for having my friends and family contribute to the travel section is just an extension of how I live life so collaboratively and wholesomely.  

I’m sort of a pineapple: a sweet island girl on the inside but also all business American on the outside. You know, business in the front, party in the back type thing…without the mullet.  

After meeting Rachel in Croatia I knew I wanted to have her jump in feet first with me on this adventure. She helps keep my Caribbean look afloat while bringing humor and a great dynamic to this site. Two girls from two different backgrounds bringing you two different perspectives on life and adventure. 

They always say 2 is better than one and I couldn’t agree more. 


We hope you enjoy!

-Haley and Rachel

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